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Popular games

  • Paw Patrol Jewel Match Game

    Paw Patrol Jewel ...

  • Mythical Jewels Game

    Mythical Jewels

  • Mysterious Jewels Game

    Mysterious Jewels

  • Gumball Jewel Match Game

    Gumball Jewel Match

  • Sport Bejeweled Game

    Sport Bejeweled

  • Dora Farm Harvest Season Game

    Dora Farm Harvest ...

  • Crystal Caverns Game

    Crystal Caverns

  • Diamond Dust Game

    Diamond Dust

New Games

  • Snow Queen Game

    Snow Queen

  • Sanrio Jewels Game

    Sanrio Jewels

  • Farm Hustle Game

    Farm Hustle

  • Amber Hunter Game

    Amber Hunter

  • Honors and Gems Game

    Honors and Gems

  • Pandaspel Game


  • Immortal Souls Dark Crusade Game

    Immortal Souls Dark ...

  • Proteus Puzzle Game

    Proteus Puzzle

  • Battle of Lemolad Game

    Battle of Lemolad

  • Robosockets Game


  • Treasure Chest Game

    Treasure Chest

  • World Voyage Game

    World Voyage

  • Blocky Farm Game

    Blocky Farm

  • Combo Blast Game

    Combo Blast

  • Pet Party Game

    Pet Party

  • Yum Yum Yum Game

    Yum Yum Yum

  • Monsters Hill Game

    Monsters Hill

  • Chic i Girls Gashion Diamante Game

    Chic i Girls Gashion ...

  • Evolution Time Game

    Evolution Time

  • Spell Blazer Game

    Spell Blazer

  • Treasure Hunt Game

    Treasure Hunt

  • Calaveras Game


  • Sport Bejeweled Game

    Sport Bejeweled

  • Fruity Bejeweled Game

    Fruity Bejeweled

  • Jelly Friend Game

    Jelly Friend

  • Uncle Grandpa Bejeweled Game

    Uncle Grandpa ...

  • Sam Bejeweled Game

    Sam Bejeweled

  • Pou Jewel Match Game

    Pou Jewel Match

  • Doc Mcstuffins Jewel Match Game

    Doc Mcstuffins Jewel ...

  • Shining Jewels Link 2 Game

    Shining Jewels Link ...

  • Bejeweled Angry Birds Game

    Bejeweled Angry ...

  • Jewel Mysteries Game

    Jewel Mysteries

  • Shining Jewels Link Game

    Shining Jewels Link

  • Magic Jewels Game

    Magic Jewels

  • My Little Pony Jewel Match Game

    My Little Pony Jewel ...

  • Cinderella Jewel Match Game

    Cinderella Jewel ...

  • Gumball Jewel Match Game

    Gumball Jewel Match

  • Ancient Maya Treasures Game

    Ancient Maya ...

  • Sea Jewels Game

    Sea Jewels

  • Jewel Mine Game

    Jewel Mine

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Welcome to BejeweledGames.Org, our website is dedicated to free flash Bejeweled games online inspired by the great game of Bejeweled and Jewel Games. We have put together this collection for you to enjoy. Our collection of flash Bejeweled games consists of puzzle games, kids games, adventure games, girl games and much more.

Bejeweled is a tile-matching puzzle games by PopCap Games, first developed for browsers in 2001. Today, a lot of match 3 puzzle games is produce based on this classic game. One of the most famous variation of match-three games is Candy Crush Saga which is the most popular game on Facebook, with 46 million average monthly users, and it also stands on Top downloaded App on the App Store.

This website is the full collection of free online bejeweled games we aim to bring you the best Bejeweled games. Whatever the matching game you like they are always available for you at Free Online Bejeweled Games. Play your favorite games and have fun now!

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